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Big Island Life

I had the extreme good fortune to spend last week  on the Big Island of Hawaii. I brought home images of  both  Hawaiian architecture and artifacts. Here’s one I like as it contains a bit of both. I shot it with a D300 and 18-200 “super” zoom. I think it was f11 at 1/60 sec at about 20mm. Ancient Hawaiian boat houseBy the way, thank you to the technology geeks who brought us vibration reduction lenses. It helped a lot here.

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Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

As a project, our little band of budding architectural photographers needed to shoot a building (in this case my casa in Huntington Beach) that showed the outside as well as a warmly lit interior. We shot my house on a very cold windy evening about two weeks ago. We shot it with a Nikon D300 (yes, all you Canon shooters, a NIKON) and a Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens. Setting up on the street, we shot a bracketed series of RAW frames at f22. Lighting came from the interior tungsten lights aided by a pair of Nikon SB-800 speed lights in the front room each gelled with a quarter cut of CTO to warm the strobe light a bit. The strobes were fired via Pocket Wizards. The exterior is a composite of images to get both a dark sky and to add spot lighting some of the shrubs. Incidentally, all kidding aside, Canon makes some really fine equipment. I only wish Nikon had a body equivalent to the superb 5D mk II at a similar price point.

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And now for something completely different…

Something different:

One of my clients is Bettis Surfboards, this is one of his recent creations, a thumb tailed hull shape with a step deck. I think it’s about 7’8″ or so. I’ve been shooting advertising / catalog shots for this client for awhile now. Controling the reflections and flares coming from relatively large, shiny, curvy objects like surfboards was a bit challenging when I first started.  After some trial and error, I’ve managed to make it work for me.   This was shot using two Nikon 800 speedlights, one in a softbox high and slightly camera left and the other in a shoot through umbrella, low camera right and somewhat feathered away. The feathered umbrella adds some dimension to the image and because of it’s shape, blends nicely with the boards curves.  I think I composited the board from two or three images which were then placed onto the black background. Eventually,  advertising copy will be placed onto the background to complete a print ad layout.

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The Great Easter Sunday Building Shoot and Earthquake Caper

I had the opportunity to shoot this office building in Newport Beach last weekend. I shot if from across the street with an 18-70mm on my D300 at f22, bracketing the shutter speed up and down 2 full stops each way in 1/3 stop increments. There were 4 or 5 images from the bracketed set used in making this  composite. While I’m showing this shot, it’s still a work in progress. Incidentally the big Mexicali earthquake happened just as I was setting this shot up. For a few moments it was pretty exciting! The  current working image is on top and the original “base” shot is below. 

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Church Interior

Here’s the interior of the church from my last post. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Church Exterior

I mentioned last time that we were going to be shooting a church. Here’s the exterior shot. It’s not ideal, in that we needed to shoot in the morning rather than the “golden” evening.Stay tuned…

Posted by: donhowarthphotography | March 5, 2010

Archectural Photography

On my journey through the various photographic  genres that pique my interest, I’m currently walking down the architectural photography path. This is some really interesting stuff. I’m really fortunate to be being trained by the excellent, as well as successful, Southern California architectural photographer Damian Tutsumida.  Beyond the normal photographers skill set, achieving success in this discipline forces you to produce what are essentially complex photo montages. At this point, my  lighting and Photoshop skills are being absolutely challenged, but, by the way, I’m really having some fun with this.  We shot on two buildings on campus last weekend and tomorrow, I’m shooting a local church. Stay tuned.Office interior at Orange Coast College

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Welcome to my new Blog page

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time and finally, with a little shove from a great photographer, got this blog started.

A little about myself for a starter: I’ve been a photographer just about as long as I can remember. After a career in the corporate world working in the printing industry, I made a decision to follow my passion into the best job possible, freelance photographer. This blog will hopefully let you share some of the trip with me. Stay tuned.

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